IOLAS serving tray

A light wooden tray with handles that are an extension of the tray surface. The elliptical “lip” of the opening provides easy control over the contents while moving. Available in two kinds of wood veneer (oak and walnut).

Aether carafe and dish set

“AETHER” tabletop

“AETHER” is a series of very light anodised aluminum utensils for dinner. Inspired by a traditional wine carafe, used in small popular working class taverns of Greece, called “katroutso”.
They are all extremely light, food safe tableware. Avoid the use of wire sponge for cleaning and dish washers.
Handmade items, with slight, unique differences between them.

Wine Ceremony

A series of utensils and table ware accompanying wine.
Seeing friends, eating with friends, drinking wine , enjoying good food is a great ritual!
“Wine ceremony” tableware are supplementing and enhancing the spirit.
Tapas plateau, cheese boards, cheese slicer, wine stoppers, racks,  wine coolers all using earthy materials wood, clay, leather and cork.
Plain and simple remind us of qualities lost.
A banquet, a feast allowing all our 4 senses to participate.

“DIATRITA” fruit bowls and multipurpose plates

“Diatrita” is made of perforated sheet steel.
A series of “happy” tableware and lighting made with this amazing greek technique still in use for making ecclesiastical oil lamps.
In this family of objects the major role and inspiration has been the material used itself.
The beauty produced by pulling the perforated sheet steel around a mold. The distortion of the holes, achieved by stretching the steel.
The final objects are powder coated in 5 colors that makes them waterproof.

Such a common material, what an unusual optical effect, a colourful and happy gesture on your table! Enjoy!

“MELEESSES” serving utensils & joy!

Meleesses is a great gift idea!
Friendly and natural materials have been used. Honeycomb paper and oak wood.
Meleesses is the greek word for bees. Their name is after the main material been used, the honeycomb paper!
Folding and lightweight , easy to store, carry as a gift in your bag or suitcase.

Is magical the way Meleesses expand from a small block of paper to a fully functional and the same time decorative product. Tiny magnets are there to keep them in place.
Use them as a sous-cassarol, fruit tray or shade for your candle or just let Meleesses  lay on your coffee table and you will find out that you cannot stop people playing with them!